Can Invisalign Fix An Overbite? Everything You Need To Know

In the past, braces were the only way to correct overbites and most other orthodontic issues. But in the last two decades, Invisalign and other clear aligner companies have begun offering an alternative to braces for orthodontic correction.

But can Invisalign fix an overbite? The answer is “yes!” Read on to learn more about how Invisalign works, and to see Invisalign from Jackson Family Dentistry may be the best option for improving your bite, the alignment of your teeth, and your self-confidence.

Invisalign Can Be Used To Fix Overbites & Many Other Bite Alignment Issues

Invisalign uses a series of clear plastic aligners to reposition your teeth. These aligners are very flexible and versatile, and can treat a wide variety of bite issues, including the following:

Is Invisalign Right For All Bite Problems? 

No. While Invisalign can often be used to treat minor-to-moderate bite problems, it’s not always the best choice, particularly for very complex and severe bite alignment issues that may require surgery, or the use of other orthodontic appliances.

In some cases, braces may be a better choice. While they do have some drawbacks like a bulkier, more obvious appearance, braces are more powerful and versatile than Invisalign when it comes to treating complex orthodontic problems.

However, most patients with an overbite and other bite problems can get Invisalign. Braces are only required in severe cases of bite misalignment. Scheduling a consultation with Dr. Pako Major at Jackson Family Dentistry is the best way to find out if you’re a good candidate for Invisalign. 

Explore Your Options For A Straighter Smile And A Healthier Bite In Jackson!

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