Can You Get Dental Implants With Gum Disease?

Dental implants and gum disease don’t mix.

To get these artificial teeth, patients need healthy gums, on top of other requirements that reduce the risk of implant failure.

But if you suffer from gum disease, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t ever get dental implants.

Why Gum Disease Affects Implant Healing

Gum disease is an infection that attacks the gums, causing symptoms such as:

Getting dental implants in Jackson involves surgery where a metal post is inserted into the jaw bone to replace the missing tooth’s root. The procedure is only completed once the bone and gum tissues fuse to the implants.

But if your gums are unhealthy, the healing stage gets complicated. Moreover, gum disease can start affecting other tissues, like your jawbone, if the infection spreads. This can increase the risk of implant failure tremendously.

Treating Gum Disease May Make You a Good Candidate for Dental Implants

Dental implants have a very high success rate because patients are carefully screened beforehand to ensure they are good candidates for them.

Some factors that are reviewed in these screenings include:

But if you’re not cleared for dental implants right away, getting additional treatment may help you become a good candidate for them.

In the case of gum disease, you can seek appropriate treatment to remove the infection, and once the gums heal, they could be in top condition to support an implant.

How Is Gum Disease Treated?

Gum disease treatment will depend on how severe the condition is and what damage it’s already caused.

It can include:

Unfortunately, the damage caused by gum disease is irreversible, but you can access multiple treatments designed to restore your gum health and appearance.

How Jackson Family Dentistry Can Help

No matter if you want dental implants or not, treating gum disease is your top priority right now. Left unchecked, this condition can cause irreparable damage to your oral health, including permanent tooth loss.

But Dr. Ben Heffter and Dr. Pako Major are here to help you avoid this scenario, heal your gums, and even get dental implants.

Request a visit to Jackson Family Dentistry online, or call our office at (262) 677-3003 to find out more.