Is Laughing Gas Safe?

Dental sedation is an integral part of the dentist’s office. Thanks to it, people dealing with severe dental anxiety, who have difficulty remaining still for too long, or who need extensive dental work all have a way to comfortably sit in the dentist’s chair.

However, if you’ve been told you need dental sedation during your next appointment, you might feel a bit anxious, even if it is just laughing gas.

Check out this article to understand what laughing gas is, and whether it’s truly safe.

How Laughing Gas Works

Laughing gas (nitrous oxide) is a mild sedative you inhale during a dentist appointment. As you sit comfortably in the chair, the dentist places a special mask over your face, which delivers a mixture of oxygen and laughing gas.

Right away, you’ll begin to feel calmer, but you’ll remain perfectly awake and responsive. Unlike other types of sedation, nitrous oxide doesn’t make you fall asleep, though some patients might do so because they’re very relaxed.

Once the appointment is over, your Jackson sedation dentist will switch from the laughing gas mixture to just oxygen, and with every inhale and exhale the gas is removed from your system.

By the time you leave the dentist’s practice, you are fully alert and no longer under the sedative.

How Safe Is Laughing Gas?

Laughing gas is a mild sedative and is generally considered safe. In fact, it’s the preferred type of sedation used for children because of its low risks of side effects.

But, every patient is different, and laughing gas might not work for you if:

Can You Refuse to Take Dental Sedation?

You can, but if the dentist recommended it, it’s most likely necessary. Dental sedation is only recommended in specific cases, such as:

Note that sedation isn’t the same as anesthesia, which is used for blocking physical pain. If your dentist recommended laughing gas, it’s likely because they believe you need extra help to remain relaxed and comfortable during your appointment.

If you have specific concerns about laughing gas, you should discuss them with your dentist. In general, sedation is recommended after reviewing the patient’s specific needs and medical history to ensure they get the appropriate form of sedation.

Sedation Options at Jackson Family Dentistry

Both Dr. Ben Heffter and Dr. Pako Major can help you find out which type of sedation is best for you.

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