Our Safety Procedures to Keep You Safe During COVID-19

Want to get routine dental care in Jackson, WI from Dr. Pako Major at Jackson Family Dentistry? Not sure if it’s safe to come and see our team for a teeth cleaning and oral exam during the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak?

We understand your concern, but you can rest assured that our team is doing everything we can to keep your office safe, sanitized, and free of any infectious virus, including COVID-19. Read on to learn a bit more about our safety procedures, and see how Dr. Major and our team will ensure your safety at your next appointment in Jackson or Hartford.

UVA Disinfecting Technology To Kill 99.99% Of Pathogens

UVA (Ultraviolet A) uses a powerful, short-wavelength UV light that can kill pathogens upon contact. We’ve introduced UVA disinfecting equipment into our office, and are using this technology along with traditional disinfectants like bleach to ensure that all common surfaces and operatories are completely sanitized and free of harmful pathogens. 

Custom Face Shields & N95 Masks With Plexiglas Check-In Barriers

All of our dental professionals are equipped with custom face shields and N95 masks, which dramatically reduces the risk of infection via aerosolized saliva particles, and ensures that they will be comfortable and able to provide you with the best level of treatment.

In addition, we’ve installed Plexiglas barriers in the front office for check-ins and check-outs to prevent the spread of viruses via sneezing, coughing, and breathing, and to minimize the risk of infection of our front-of-office staff. We also have daily staff check-ins complete with temperature checks to ensure that our staff are healthy and free of any harmful viruses.

Pre-Patient Screenings, Temperature Checks & Peroxide Rinses

We conduct pre-patient screenings and ask questions about your recent travel, contact you may have had with infected individuals, and if you’ve shown any possible symptoms of COVID-19 in the last few days. We also will use a touchless infrared thermometer to take your temperature before your appointment. 

In addition, we use a Peroxy hydrogen peroxide rinse before any dental procedure. Peroxide is extremely effective at destroying COVID-19 coronavirus and other viruses, so this helps protect you and our staff members.

Social Distancing & Patient Separation Precautions 

Our lobby has been reconfigured to ensure social distancing, and we have spaced out patient appointments throughout the day to minimize the number of people in our office. We also allow patients to wait in their vehicles after they check in, to ensure maximum protection.

Isodry Dental Isolation System

The Isodry dental isolation system captures more than 90% of all aerosolized particles, mitigating the most common vector for COVID-19 infections. It’s comfortable, easy to use, and provides you with excellent protection during procedures that can create aerosolized particles, such as preparing a tooth for a filling or crown.

Enhanced Operatory & Common Area Disinfection Routines

We have always followed CDC, ADA, and OSHA guidelines for disinfecting our operatories, but are now enhancing our infection control protocols even further. Additionally, we are cleaning all common surfaces (bathrooms, doorknobs, countertops, etc.) 5 times per day with disinfectant. 

Visit Our Office To Get The Dental Care You Need In Jackson

COVID-19 coronavirus does not have to stop you from getting dental care in Jackson. We’re taking every possible precaution to keep you safe, so don’t wait. If you need a teeth cleaning or any other dental care in Jackson, contact us online now or give us a call at (262) 677-3003 to schedule an appointment right away.