Pain after dental implants? What's normal

Will I Feel Pain After Dental Implant Surgery? Understanding What’s Normal

If you’re considering dental implants in Jackson and would like to learn more about the healing and recovery process, you may be wondering if you’ll experience pain and discomfort after your treatment, and how long it will last. In this guide from Jackson Family Dentistry, we’ll discuss everything you need to know. 

Your Pain Will Usually Peak Within 24-72 Hours & Start To Fade

Due to the numbing and sedation used during the dental implant placement process, you won’t feel any pain or discomfort during your surgery, or for a few hours after surgery. 

However, you will likely start to feel some pain after your implant has been placed. If you have a prescription for pain medicine, fill it and take it according to your instructions. Otherwise, you can use over-the-counter (OTC) painkillers, saltwater rinses, and ice packs to help with pain and discomfort.

It’s common to feel pain and to notice other symptoms like bleeding, bruising, swelling and inflammation near the implant site, and these symptoms usually peak within 3 days of your surgery, then begin to fade.

You May Experience Pain & Other Symptoms For Up To 7 Days 

After about 3-7 days, you will likely still feel some pain and tenderness around the implant site. However, it should start to get less painful. You can usually return to work or school within 1-3 days after your surgery.

You should also notice a reduction in other symptoms. Bleeding should stop within 3-4 days at most, and bruising and swelling will also start to fade after a week post-surgery.

Your Mouth Will Be Fully Healed Within 7-14 Days After Your Treatment 

As long as you have followed the recovery instructions provided to you by Dr. Major, your mouth should be completely healed within 2 weeks of your implant placement surgery. Around this time, you’ll come into our office for a follow-up appointment, so that we can ensure your implant is healing properly.

By this time, you should feel no discomfort or pain at all, though your implant may be a bit tender if you put pressure on it. There should be minimal (if any) swelling and bruising. 

It is highly irregular to feel severe pain for 1-2 weeks or longer after your dental implant has been placed. This may indicate that something is wrong with your implant. It may have become infected, failed to bond properly to your gums and jaw, or even have been rejected due to a metal allergy. 

If you experience severe pain and discomfort 7-14 days after treatment, get in touch with Dr. Major and the team at Jackson Family Dentistry right away for a consultation. 

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