The Temporary Crown Removal Process – What To Expect

If you’re getting a crown at Jackson Family Dentistry or any other dental office near Jackson, Hartford, or Germantown, chances are that you’ll need to wear a temporary crown after your tooth has been prepared for your dental crown. 

Wondering how this crown will be removed when it’s time to attach your permanent dental crown? Have other questions about temporary crowns? Get the answers you need in this guide from Jackson Family Dentistry now.

What Is A Temporary Crown, And Why Do I Need One?

As the name suggests, temporary crowns are attached to your tooth temporarily to protect it after it’s been trimmed as part of the crown placement process, or after root canal therapy. 

These crowns are usually made out of relatively durable dental resin. They are not nearly as durable as metal crowns or porcelain crowns, but they don't need to last very long. Most of the time, a temporary crown will be worn for 2-3 weeks as a permanent crown is prepared by a dental lab.

You need a temporary crown after your mouth is prepared for a permanent crown because the process involves removing as much as 75% of the natural material from your tooth. This must be done to ensure the permanent crown attaches properly to your tooth, but it also weakens your tooth substantially.

A temporary crown, then, can be used to cover up the tooth and provide adequate protection for a few weeks until your permanent crown is finished, and is bonded permanently to your tooth. 

Understanding The Temporary Crown Removal Process

The process of removing a temporary crown is very straightforward. These crowns are made of a relatively pliable dental resin that’s easy to work with, and are attached using a weaker dental cement that is easy to remove.

Usually, your mouth is not numbed during the process. Dr. Heffter or Dr. Major will clean the treatment area, and then use a special dental tool that fits around the temporary crown. This tool will be used to gently move the crown around until the adhesive seal on your tooth is broken, and the temporary crown comes loose.

After this, the underlying tooth will be scraped to remove any remaining dental cement, and then it will be cleaned to ensure the tooth is completely surface debris that may interfere with the placement of your permanent crown.

Finally, Dr. Heffter or Dr. Major will check the fit of your permanent crown to make sure it fits perfectly over your prepared tooth. Once this is done, a powerful dental cement will be applied to the tooth and the crown, which will be bonded to your tooth structure permanently.

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