First Dentist Appointment: What To Expect

Going to the dentist can be a scary thing for every member of the family, no matter their age. Fear of the dentist can run high and even end up preventing people from staying on top of their oral health needs.

However, knowing what the process looks like can go a long way to reducing this fear and give you the push you need to get a consultation. If you’re about to have your first appointment at Jackson Family Dentistry, here’s everything you can expect:

1. Before the Appointment

Especially if you're coming in with kids, we often recommend a short visit to our practice before the actual consultation. This can help children become more familiar with the environment and ease some of their anxiety. During their consultation, they can at least feel more at ease when you're taking them to a place they know.

2. The Discussion with Dr. Ben Heffter or Dr. Pako Major

Before they inspect your oral health, Dr. Ben Heffter or Dr. Pako Major will first ask a few questions about you or your child’s oral health. This can help them gather more information and plan a better treatment approach.

3. The Oral Exam

During this process, the dentist will closely inspect you or your child’s teeth to get a good baseline of how things are. Because it’s your first visit, they will also take an X-Ray of your teeth to make sure they get a closer overview. Some issues cannot be seen with the naked eye, so X-Rays help the dentist truly assess your oral health.

X-Rays won’t be needed very often, so don’t worry, they are perfectly safe even for children!

4. Treatment Plan and Next Steps

Based on your oral exam, your Jackson dentist will create a personalized treatment plan if they find anything troublesome. In some cases, they might address some minor issues right away, such as a small cavity forming.

If not, they will schedule you for a future appointment to begin your treatment.

5. Professional Cleaning

Even with the best at-home oral hygiene habits, it’s virtually impossible to truly remove all debris, food particles, and bacteria from your mouth.

Professional dental cleaning is a great way to reduce your risk of cavities and even gum disease as the dentist will thoroughly clean your teeth and mouth. They can also apply several treatments, such as fluoride solutions, which can help make your teeth stronger.

After your initial appointment, you will leave the Jackson Family Dentistry with spotless teeth and a great treatment plan to address all your health concerns!

Ready to Make an Appointment?

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